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   Welcome to the Meadows youth group page! We are intentional about restoring the home as the training ground for teaching children how to be completely committed followers of Jesus.

 The Meadows church of Christ is blessed to assist in this work. We have chosen John 8:31 (abide in His Word), 13:35 (love one another) and 15:8 (bear much fruit) to guide this ministry into disciple-keeping.

   From monthly devotionals to doing service projects, these concepts are evident in the activities we do today, and will be in future endeavors. So come and join this ministry, where mom and dad are back in the home and the youth are 4 Truth.

YOUth 4Truth

Recap of Wednesday Night Class:
This past Wednesday night, the youth and I studied some verses in

Ephesians 3. In this chapter, Paul repeats the phrase “The grace God has given me.”; the first occurrence is in vs. 2. The question is, what does Paul mean by the word “grace”? Go to verse seven. The grace that was given to Paul was making him a minister. To whom is he ministering?
Go to
verse eight and nine. Paul is ministering to the Gentiles by preaching the mystery of Christ. Paul
has mentioned the “mystery of Christ” previously in
Ephesians 3 (v. 2-3). So what does this mean and why call it “mystery of Christ”? The mystery of Christ is found in Ephesians 2:13-16—Gentiles can be Christians; they can be added to the church; and they can go to heaven (Ephesians 2:19; 3:6).
This plan had yet to be revealed to the world—hence why it is called “mystery” of Christ; angels did not even know about this plan
(Ephesians 3:10). God was waiting for the perfect time to let it be known (Ephesians 1:9-10; Galatians 4:4). When the perfect time came, the apostles and prophets were the only groups of people who shared this redemptive plan (Ephesians 3:5), which is why they were the authority of the day since Jesus was not walking on the earth anymore and they were inspired (2:20).
Likewise, God has given us the grace of being a minister (servant). His Son, Jesus, has called all of us to preach the gospel to the whole world
(Mark 16:15). What we need to preach is the impact of the blood of Jesus (Ephesians 2:13); we are no longer under the Law (Ephesians 2:15); and there is one church which Jesus built and bought with His blood (Ephesians 2:16).

There is no time like the present (2 Corinthians 6:1-2).

We cannot claim divine authority since we are not inspired but we can represent His authority. We can make sure every word and deed is done in the name of the Lord(Colossians 3:17).

While respecting the opinions of others (Romans 14), we can implement what
has already been bound and loose in heaven upon the earth
(Matthew 16:19). This is the grace whichhas been given to us. What are you going to do with it?                          -Remy Afre


Saturday, September 25

 Youth Breakfast at the church building at 9:30 am! Come Hungry and bring your friends.

Sunday, October 10

Youth Devotional after evening services at the home of Reatha and Stinkie.

Sunday October 17

Any brave and daring youth are invited to come along to the Beaumont Escape Room at 7pm after evening services. See Remy for additional details and plan.

Thursday, October 21

Teen Bible Study at the Afre's home at 7pm. See Remy for details.

Sunday, October 24

Youth Led Evening Service. Everyone is encouraged to attend and if it is your desire to participate, See Remy.

Sunday, October 24

Youth are going to attended Beaumont's Haunted House after evening services, Approx 6;30pm

See Remy for more details.

Saturday, November 6

 Youth Breakfast at the church building at 9:30 am! Come Hungry and bring your friends.

Thursday, November 18

Teen Bible Study at the Afre's home at 7pm. See Remy for details.

Fall Retreat

Camp Red Oak Springs

November 19-21

All Meadows Youth are invited to the 2021 Fall Retreat at Camp Red Oak Springs.  More details to come or see Remington for additional information. This is an incredible experience for our youth to build life long friendships and grow closer to God. Sign up soon, spots are limited.

Sunday, December 12

Youth Devotional after evening services at the Mansfield's Home.

If you are interested in hosting a Youth Devo, See Remy.

Thursday, December 16

Teen Bible Study at the Afre's home at 7pm. See Remy for details.

December 19

Youth Christmas Party. Details and Information to come. See Remy with any questions.

December 31-January 1

New Years Overnight trip at Camp Red Oak Springs!!! An Evening of Food, Fellowship, and Fireworks!!! Sign up with Remington!




6:30 PM

Adult ministry is a chance for a group of adults to come together and have a chance to join in fellowship with one another. Spouses are welcome to come togeth as this is open too all adults. 


Dive into the word with us! We love getting together in fellowship to read and study God's word. We encourage you to join us in discussion and in community. Plus, free food!